Truck Stops of America

At Big Rig Jobs we provide truck drivers like you with trucking resources to help you do your job easier. This includes a list of truck stops to help truckers while they are driving as well as better-paying trucking jobs here on our site.

As for truck stops, truck drivers literally could not survive without the services offered by these businesses. But what about those oddball items you can find at truck stops you might not expect?

Pilot Travel Center

Location 1826 Western Ave, Knoxville, TN 37921
City of Truck Stop Knoxville, TN

Fairburn Family Travel Center

Location 7860 Senoia Rd, Fairburn, GA 30213
City of Truck Stop Fairburn, GA

Kwik Trip

Location 1600 Cessna St, Buffalo, MN 55313
City of Truck Stop Buffalo, MN

MidWest Petroleum

Location 5922 MO-19, Cuba, MO 65453
City of Truck Stop Cuba, MO

Love's Travel Stop

Location 12501 Apex Great Basin Way, I-15 Exit 64, Las Vegas, NV 89105
City of Truck Stop Las Vegas, NV

TA Kingsville

Location 5551 OH-193, Kingsville, OH 44048
City of Truck Stop Kingsville, OH

Love's Travel Stop

Location 2299 Koger St, Belleville, IN 46158
City of Truck Stop Belleville, IN

Love's Travel Stop

Location 4400 S. 22nd Ave. E., I-80 Exit 168, Newton, IA 50208
City of Truck Stop Newton, IA

Petro Ocala

Location 7401 W Hwy 318, Reddick, FL 32686
City of Truck Stop Reddick, FL